It was like xmas am.......i knew the package was delivered today and left with a neighbor.....had to wait for them to get home and then it sat in our living room until my husband got home (8pm!!!) from work! We all wanted to be surprised together and we is absolutely stunning and we think we're looking in a mirror! My 3.5 year old loves herself! She keeps saying what a pretty painting it is! We can't thank you enough for turning our family into art! It's really so special! We're all looking at it and smiling!!!!! If i had your number, i'd call you:)thanks again!
-- Heather
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Friends & Collectors-

I have talked about it for a couple of years – and finally did it!

I have made a store at Zazzle – which puts my paintings on different kinds of merchandise. I went back and forth about this for awhile, but in the end some of the items were so fun – I had to!

Here are some of the items:
T-shirts, Aprons, Mugs, Baby Onesies, Blank greeting cards, Postcards, Men’s Ties, iPad skin, iPhone skin Tote bags, Hats, Mouse Pads, and much more!

I was surprised at how cute some of the paintings were reproduced on ties – I loved the nests especially. The tote bags are adorable. The t-shirts cool, and the aprons might be my favorites (I am thinking of ordering several of those for Xmas gifts).

The blank greeting cards and postcards are also something I have heard requests for. I designed one Calendar with cows, and will be creating more soon with a variety of art on the pages.

I’m sure I will be updating and tweaking the store – but there are over a 100 pages of merchandise to shop through for those interested.

My store is here:

This is not what I would consider a money-maker as the profit margin is low, but just plain old fun!


Some of the cool stuff you can find in my Zazzle Shop:



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